Operator services

Oki Air kao vodeća regionalna kompanija u pružanju usluga zemaljskog opsluživanja, osim na aerodromima u Crnoj Gori (Podgorica i Tivat), Srbiji (Beograd i Niš), Sloveniji (Ljubljana), opsluživanje vrši i na aerodromima u Albaniji, Bosni i Hercegovini, Hrvatskoj, Kosovu, i Makedoniji.

Thanks to our exceptional commitment and responsibility in providing services, today we have satisfied partners of many companies and brokers.

Our staff is licensed and trained to perform all ground handling services in accordance with the highest professional, safety and security standards.

As your partner we are able to offer top services:

  • Acceptance of aircraft at the parking position and coordination of all services on the ramp in contact with the crew and third parties
  • Supervision, representation and administrative affairs
  • Coordination with various authorities
  • Full passenger and crew assistance
  • Assistance in flight preparation
  • Overflight and landing permits
  • Fast aircraft rotation
  • Fast passage of passengers and crew
  • Parking and hangar services
  • Calculation of all airport and other costs
  • Aircraft load and balancing calculation
  • Aircraft safety and security oversight
  • NOTAM notifications and weather information
  • Connecting with food and beverage suppliers
  • Fuel supply
  • Hotel accommodation and transportation
  • Providing airline tickets for all destinations
  • Mobile telephony and wifi for crew and passengers
  • Visas and travel documents
  • Access to business salons